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November 14, 2010

To The Shoe By Bike

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The best way to get the Ohio Stadium for a football game isn’t by car, by bus or even by foot.

It’s by bike.

Put the problem is: what do I do with my bike once I get there?

Hundreds of people rode their bikes to the game

Problem solved, thanks to Pedal Instead, which sets up a bike corral/parking lot outside the stadium for all the home football games. I was lucky enough to have two tickets to Saturday’s Penn State game (thanks Ray!) and parked my bike at the corral, which is located just off the bike path, near the bridge closest to the Shoe. You fill out a ticket, put part of the ticket on your bike and keep the stub for when you return after the game. It’s valet parking for bikes! It only took about five minutes and it’s free – although there’s a jar for tips (we put in a buck per bike).


There were easily three or four hundred bikes in the corral, including lots of tandems, a sign that more and more people are using their bikes to commute and get places.


A few minutes later, I discovered you can’t bring backpacks into the stadium. Fortunately, the folks at Pedal Instead allowed me to leave it with my bike. Thanks.

Thanks to Pedal Instead, we got to the game...

We left with about four minutes to go and the Bucks safely up 38-14. There was a line at the corral, but it only took a few minutes to get our bike, and off we went, north on the Olentangy Bike path … in the dark. I was prepared, with a blinking red light on the back of my bike and a steady white light on the front. I enjoy riding at night, especially on a warm night and extra especially after the second-half whooping OSU put on PSU.

If you’re lucky enough to have tickets to the Michigan game on the 27th, to see the Buckeyes beat those Wolverines and the presentation of the Pelotonia check, I suggest you get there by bike and park it at the Pedal Instead corral. plenty of time to see the band dot the I


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