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November 30, 2010

The Cyclist’s Holiday Shopping Guide

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First, let me officially and unequivocally state for the record that the purpose of this post is not to provide my wife, parents and friends with hints for my holiday gift-wish list. However, if that’s an unintended consequence, so be it; I can live with that. Hey Mom, the Garmin GPS (I’ll explain later what this means and what it does) is really cool!

Decorate your tree like they do at Trek

Welcome to the first The Rider holiday gift-giving guide for the cyclist, that member of your family, friend or co-worker, who loves to ride and is hard to shop for. Here are oodles of ideas, from stocking stuffers to more expensive items that will barely fit under the tree.

Goo and energy bars make great stocking stuffers

I spent the other day “researching” this post, and drooling over the new, 2011 bikes. I visited Trek, roll: and Bike Source, local bike shops that are also Pelotonia partners. All three are loaded with great gift ideas, have sales going on right now, offer gift cards and have friendly employees who love to talk about bikes, accessories and Pelotonia.

This reflective ankle strap lights up for even more night-time visibility

I started my day at Trek, where there’s a tree decked out with bike stuff to get you in the holiday mood. It worked. The shop is filled with all sorts of stocking stuffers: the Knog Beetle light, a sporty, easy-to-install handlebar light (on sale for $16.99); a cool Flare S ankle strap for night riding that lights up when you press it ($12.99); and the Jimi, a plastic wallet holder that comes in many colors and keeps your wallet and money dry and sweat free and fits into the back pocket of your bike shirt or in your saddle bag ($14.99).

There was also plenty of cold-weather gear, including the Pearl Izumi Barrier gloves, which come in five-fingered and lobster-claw versions ($70). There was also a sporty black-and-yellow Livestrong jersey that by donning will instantly enable you to ride faster and longer than ever before.

The Jimi keeps your stuff dry

Trek has the Garmin Edge 705 GPS on sale for $400 (regular price: $650). I don’t yet have a GP, but I know that once I get one, it will be yet another high-tech device (i.e. cell phone, laptop, DVR) that I’ll wonder how I ever lived without.

Next stop: roll:. I already have a trainer, and I really, really promise I will ride it more than once this winter. Really. If you don’t have an indoor trainer, which is the closest thing to riding without actually riding, roll: sells a kit ($397 or $469) that includes the trainer, two cycling blocks (which you put under the front wheel to hold it steady), a bike thong that prevents all your sweat from getting onto your bike, a mat to protect the floor from the same-said sweat and a training DVD to make you sweat.

You can't go wrong with water bottles

Roll: is all about bundling, and offers a bike-care bucket ($60) that includes all the basics and essentials for keeping your bike clean. The Pearl Izumi Pro Softshell, three-in-one jacket ($375) has a removable vest, removable balaclava (the Ninja-like thing that covers almost all of your head) and super-thin, super-warm jacket. Put an Ensura Baabaa base layer shirt made of Merino wool ($70) under this jacket and you’ll stay dry and warm no matter how cold it gets.

This is the roll: bike-care bucket

You can find the new Garmin Edge 800 GPS ($800) at roll: and new features include a touch screen, heart-rate monitor and cadence count.

Roll: also offers a wish list site on its website (, where you can log in what you want – and then send the link to everyone you know. It’s the cycling version of a bridal registry, but this way you don’t end up with a bunch of useless gravy boats and ladles.

Everything's on sale!

Bike Source has a great selection of winter gear, and a sale on all its clothing items. The Specialized sub-zero gloves comes with a liner – and a fleece-lined glove ($65) and is sort of the bike version of a ski glove, and includes straps to keep everything tight and the cold wind off your skin. You can wear just the liner when it’s not too cold, the fleeced-lined glove when it gets a little colder and both when it’s sub-zero out. They also have two different balaclavas, one for $30 and the other for $35, and a beanie-style hat ($30) to wear under your helmet in lieu of a balaclava or in addition to one if it’s really, really cold.

Here's one of the balaclava's they sell at Bike Source

Socks are always a great – although somewhat redundant – stocking stuffer and Bike Source has several warm-weather and cold weather ones to choose from. The winter ones all have wool blends and range in price from $11 to $18. To really keep your toes toasty, add a neoprene foot bootie ($60) from Pearl Izumi that comes with a fleece lining. The Pearl Izumi Elite winter jacket ($150) has expandable pockets in the back that can hold a lot of stuff.

Another neat stocking stuffer is a multi-tool set. Bike Source has several, including the EMT Micro ($14.99) that includes six tools.

It's not really Christmas unless you get socks

All three shops, of course, have tubes, handlebar tape, pumps, water bottles, jerseys, shorts and dozens of other items that make great gifts.

OK, that’s it … happy shopping. If you have any other suggestions for great holiday gifts for cyclists, please add your suggestions and comments.

The end...


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