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October 11, 2010

My Ride: Jill Weldon

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Here the rider’s report from Team Weldon and Jill Weldon, whose husband, Bill, passed away on March 26, 2009 after he was diagnosed with brain tumors. Bill ran Bill’s Bike Shop in Circlevlle for many years and he and Jill spent a lot of time together on their tandem bike, roaming Ohio and beyond. Read more about Jill and Bill here. And remember, it takes a team: to ride in Pelotonia and to beat cancer.


Riding was an activity that Bill and I shared and we had so many fun times together on our tandem.  After he died, I wasn’t sure I could ride again.  Then it was like …  how could I not ride?  I couldn’t give up those good times and happy memories.  So I got a solo.  Now Pelotonia 09 and Pelotonia 10 have become healing events as well as uplifting and encouraging events with ONE GOAL.

My great memories of the ride are . . . . .

Riding with my family and friends, joined together in a cause.

The people, cheering and encouraging, especially my coworkers, all along the route.  How awesome!  Thanks Amy and Jan!

The signs on the road for Team Weldon and the signs along the road, a car waiting with cool drinks.  What great support!  Thanks David and Marie!

Special jerseys and other signs along the route, all focused on  the ONE GOAL . This is more than a bike ride it’s a war against cancer.

Seeing Mike (a bone morrow transplant patient) in Amanda holding “A Cancer Survivor!” sign and saying “thank you” to the riders.  It was his 60th birthday.  What a celebration!

More signs while climbing “the hill” about riding for the ones we’ve lost and riding for the ones that will live because of our efforts.  How encouraging.

The support of people while climbing.  A great example of how cancer patients need the same support in their fight through hard times and tough treatments.  I could see the top of the hill.  I knew I would make it.  I hope our combined efforts will allow those in treatment see the ‘top of their hill’ and know they’ll make it.

And lastly…crossing under the banner in Athens. The ride is done but the fight’s not won.  We’re all in this fight together … ONE GOAL: BEAT CANCER!  I’m already planning for Pelotonia 11.



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