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October 4, 2010

My Ride: Kristin Gilligan

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Here’s the rider report from Kristin Gilligan, who was talked into riding by her father, Keith Kuhn. This is another example that father really does know best…

My dad’s sister, Connie, is fighting cancer with the help of the James, so last year he rode to Athens as a way to show his support. My brother, sister and I surprised him in Athens at the finish. We were so proud and inspired!

Kristin and her dad

Since then my dad has developed a complete passion for cycling. This year he committed to 180 miles – and challenged me to join in. I hadn’t ridden my bike since I was in middle school so I knew it would be a challenge.

I am not an athlete by any stretch, so I chose to ride the route to Amanda.  He rode the 43 miles with me, which I thought was amazing of him to do –  because I’m really slow.  But he didn’t leave me, which shows what an amazing man he is and also is so in line with the Pelotonia spirit. I really feel this cause has brought my family closer together and I am so thankful. My grandparents sat in Athens starting at 11:30 with a cowbell cheering on all the riders, which was precious!  Next year my sister and husband are joining us and will be riding.

The  things I learned from Pelotonia 2010

Clearance bike shorts are on sale for a reason

There are no hills for the first 43 miles… Really?

Riding an indoor exercise bike is not the same as a road bike

If you find yourself eating pretzels in a porta john you are exercise delirious

Is it ever a good idea to let your husband fix your bike?

If your dad is at the top of the hill on his cell waiting for you…. You should have trained harder

Chewing gum and riding a bike are not made to go together

Pelotonia is for everyone!  I just let the experienced riders pass me

My dad is the most amazing man I know. He was an inspiration who challenged me to make a difference not only in raising money for cancer research but also in myself.


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