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October 2, 2010

My Ride: Pat and Cherie Khumprakos

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Here’s a report from Cherie (who was four months pregnant at the time) and Pat on their first Pelotonia ride. Check out Pat’s blog.

My name is Cherie Khumprakob, and my husband and I were both riders in this year’s Pelotonia. I rode a mere 20 miles (we’re expecting our first baby, so I’m pretty proud of those 20 miles!), but my husband, Pat, rode the full 180. He just started biking in May, so I’m pretty proud of him.

Here's Pat at the finish

Pat had a kidney transplant 7 years ago, and rode in honor of one of our closest friends, Adriane Blewitt, who battled Hodgekins lymphoma at that same time, when we were all 23 years old. Adriane competed in the Olympic track and field trials 4 months after going into remission, so needless to say, she’s an amazing gal. After several awful battles of cancer in our extended family, we decided to do something about it … and signed up for our first Pelotonia ride.

Pat raised his funds in an interesting manner, by taking bets from his friends and getting paid to do some silly things, like become a Twilight fan-boy. He blogged about those adventures, and it’s pretty amusing.


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