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August 31, 2010

My Ride: Roland Kreml

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I made it!

Here’s the Pelotonia-ride story of Roland Kreml, who may have set the world’s record for liquid consumption in a 10-hour period:

As an alum of Pelotonia, I knew this year would be great event from the Opening Ceremony to the party after the finish line in Athens. I arrived early on Friday with my daughter to register and socialize before our team picture. The Opening Ceremony did not disappoint, with guest speakers President Gee, Dr. Caliguiri, Tom Lennox and Chris Spielman. I have always enjoyed listening to Chris, but his talk to us, starting with sprinkling grass from Stephanie’s grave, was so moving that I felt honored to be a part of this solution.

This year I increased my ride to 102 miles – my first century ever. It was a challenge, but one I am happy I was able to achieve. I now have friends, neighbors, and even my wife who want to join me for Pelotonia 2011! I guess they thought I was having too much fun to do it without them.

Fun facts from my ride:

102 miles in 10 hours!

About 9 hours in the saddle.

Over 400 ounces of some sort of liquid – and only had to go to the bathroom 2x.

Fastest speed (don’t read this Mom): 42 MPH!!! yeeeeeeee haaaaa! And this was just coasting!!!

Slowest speed: 2MPH (walking my bike up the hill in broken clips)

The cleats on my shoes (so my shoe would snap to the peddles) made hills very difficult

The Pelotonia Riders Guide DID say that the showers at the finish will NOT have towels – don’t ask

As I am writing this, the tips of my ring and pinky fingers of my left hand are still numb. This happens on all of my long training rides and goes away after a day or two

What I learned:

I should read the rider’s manual – and not just browse it

I need a new bike with a double chain ring and a 9 to 10 speed cassette.

I should pay to get one more tune up before the ride!

I should check that the screws to my cleats are tight!

I will buy new shoes with recessed cleats

Columbus has inclines, not hills!

I can push my body farther than my mind says it can go


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