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August 20, 2010

R U Ready to Roll?

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Today’s the big day … registration and opening ceremonies tonight at Chemical Abstracts … dinner and the Counting Crows.

I will be riding the 180-mile route, but through the magic of cell-phone cameras and computers, will post photos during the weekend. So stay tuned and click in every now and then. I’ll try to post a shot of you!

Here are a few odds and ends…

Of our 4,000-plus riders:

Men: 61.8 percent

Women: 38.2 percent

We have riders from 32 states, Canada and Hong Kong

Our youngest rider is 7

24.4 percent of our riders are over 50

A little over 60 percent of those who rode last year will ride again this year.

More than 100 volunteers and virtual riders from 2009 will ride in 2010

If it takes you about seven hours to ride to Athens, that equals about 30,000 pedal revolutions. So, at the halfway mark, say to yourself: “Only 15,000 revolutions to go!”


The weather forecast calls for a high of 90 degrees on Saturday – and a 30-percent chance of rain.

Rain isn’t that bad. I’ve done many rainy rides – and it can actually be quite refreshing and kind of fun once you’re soaked and say to yourself: “I’m already as wet as I can get, so what the heck, I’ll just enjoy it.” Just be extra careful going around corners and on the painted lines on roads such as High Street as they can be slick when wet.

The worst part about riding in the rain, for me, is my prescription sunglasses tend to get fogged up, which obviously makes it tough to see. I usually wind up putting them up on my forehead – and squinting like crazy.


There are a lot of new riders this year, so here’s a reminder about how to pronounce the name of our ride: it’s Pella-TAH-nia, not Pella-TOE-nia. A lot of people make this mistake – including me, up to and even after last year’s ride. It is Counting Cr-Ohs, not Cr-Ahs.


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  1. Steve-

    I have enjoyed your posts the past few months. Perhaps in the future I can pick your cycling brain about the Skyline Drive. Looks like great fun (and perhaps a bit more adventurous).

    Comment by JAN — August 20, 2010 @ 7:58 AM

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