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August 18, 2010

Behind The Scenes At Pelotonia

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I went to the Pelotonia office on Monday expecting chaos, what with the start of the big three-day weekend only four days away.

“That was last week,” said Executive Director Tom Lennox. “This week is actually calmer … the calm before the storm.”

And yet the office was a beehive of activity, as the Pelotonia crew was hard at work getting ready for registration on Friday and the rides on Saturday and Sunday. Phones were ringing and computers were computing, but there was a sense of calmness. Tom’s crew is a well-oiled machine, sort of like my new bike.

Kelley Griesmer, our director of operations, was in the back room on a video conference call. I’m not sure what it was about, but I think I heard the words “portable toilets.” Hey, you don’t think they magically appear all by themselves.

Nick was putting the finishing touches on the video that will be shown Friday night

As I arrived, a group of about a dozen kids were in front of the office. They were there for a video shoot, which will be part of the video that will be played during all the festivities Friday night. I tried to worm my way into it, but the videographer, Nick Jones, was to savvy to fall for my tricks.

Volunteer Carrie Gwin was updating some instructions for the volunteers who will be checking in all us riders on Friday. Ashley Liebert – an intern – was doing the dorm room assignments for all of us staying over in Athens.

“Let’s check mine,” I said.

Ashely checked and told me my dorm and room number and confirmed that the person I had requested to be my roommate – Gordon Gee – was indeed my roommate.

Here's the jersey all the riders will get

“What can I say, we do good work,” Ashley said.

Actually, my roommate will be Bryan Campbell, who is coming in all the way from Doylestown, PA for Pelotonia.

Next to Ashley, Kasey Ording – another intern – was going through all the checks that had come in and was “putting them into the system.” There were a lot of checks, oodles and oodles of checks, which means lots and lots of money for cancer research! Everyone who has donated to my account so far has done it online, except for my generous, but computer-illiterate father. Dad, you’ll be glad to know they can handle any and all checks you care to send.

“Last year it took weeks to get all the checks processed, this year it’s a 24-hour cycle,” said Sarah Liebersbach, our director of administration.

And here's the T-shirt

I also got a look at the T-shirt and bike jersey all the registered riders will receive – and they’re great! I think I’m going to wear my Pelotonia jersey on Saturday’s ride and my TOSRV jersey on Sunday.

“I need to get out our press release,” said Jessica Kinman, our director of publicity and communication. She’s expecting a big press turnout, so don’t be surprised if someone with a microphone, recorder or notepad tries to interview you. Speak slowly, you know how reporters can be.

OK, that’s my report from Pelotonia World Headquarters. Everything is on track and ready to roll … see you all Friday evening!


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  1. Steve,
    Thanks for an extraodinary year of The Rider. I read every single blog — they were inspiring and interesting. Best of luck this weekend as you successfully ride 180!

    Comment by Cindy Hilsheimer — August 18, 2010 @ 11:33 PM

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