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July 29, 2010

Join These Riders – And Get Caught Up In The Pelotonia Wave

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I think we’re on to something special with this whole Pelotonia thing … and if you’re not part of the team you need to join us; it will be a memorable and moving experience. If you don’t believe me (and there’s no reason not to), here’s what a few members of the ever-growing Pelotonia family have to say about this amazing ride…

The ride was very emotional and I did a lot of crying. Being part of this group of people was so inspiring. The sheer number of cancer survivors that rode was amazing and I talked to so many of them and everybody has a story … I still get emotional talking about it now … Pelotonia isn’t a ride, it’s a movement and people will begin to recognize what it is and what it is doing for cancer research.

Gretta Laskey, cancer survivor


It was an amazing experience. I remember this tiny house in the country and this big white sign that said thank you Pelotonia riders, a James patient lives here. That gave me goose bumps … there was so much emotion and camaraderie, it’s more than a fund raiser, it’s an event that makes you realize what a great community we live in.

Craig Krenzel, former Ohio State quarterback


Read why Griffin Weiler is riding

How many times in our lives do we have the opportunity to truly give back, with no strings attached, and help people who need help. We can get on our bikes and ride for people who can’t get on their bikes.

Griffin Weiler, member of Team Pelotonia powered by roll:


It was amazing, but at times I was wondering if I had bit off more than I could chew. Some of those hills were daunting, but everyone around me was telling me to keep going, that I could do it – and then I thought about why I’m doing this, that I’m doing it for my dad.

Douglas, Fowler, whose father is battling cancer


And here's why Harvey Glick will ride again this year

I was a non-athlete, someone who wasn’t on the football team or the swimming team. Every sport I played was as a spectator, not a participant. So, to do something like this with 2,265 other people who all had the same goal – to raise money for the cancer hospital – was an outstanding experience. The amount of energy that morning, when everyone rolled out of Columbus, it was like being caught up in a wave.

Harvey Glick, Pelotonia rider


I was scared when I started (but by the time it was over) I didn’t want it to ever end. I was flying; I was so excited I was up for a week…

SuzanneKaszar, cancer survivor


This is why Gustavo Leone, a leader in cancer research, is riding

I did the first 50 miles on adrenaline – there were so many people on the streets waving and cheering and holding signs and giving us cookies. And then I got my inspiration from my colleagues who rode with me.

Gustavo Leone, OSU professor, scientist and cancer researcher


I think everyone should get involved (in Pelotonia). If you can’t ride, being a volunteer is great and once you see the event you’ll be so impressed and want to stay involved. And maybe it will encourage people to get more active and start riding. Riding is such great exercise and a key to leading a healthy life style.

Dustin Aronld, volunteer in 2009, rider in 2010


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