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July 18, 2010

Chris Timko’s Cross-Country Adventure

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We heard from Chris Timko, the 17-year-old Pelotonia rider in the midst of a cross-country bike trip, from Savannah, GA to Los Angeles. Try not to be jealous!

The traditional wheel-dip-in-the-ocean to start the cross-country trip

Here are a few comments and photos from his trip.

Six days ago I found myself looking out at dolphins playing off the Georgia coast.  The dunk of a wheel began our great journey.  Georgia threw all that it had at us:  rain, snakes, armadillos and electrified trees.  This morning we crossed the border into Alabama to continue our trek.  The Ozarks are now staring us in the face. The heat has been intense: I consume 110 ounces of water every three hours. I’ve been so hungry by the time I’m done each day I’ll eat just about anything. Each morning we are treated to the best sunrise of our lives. It’s true what they say about southern hospitality the people are insanely nice everywhere we go.

It's a lot tougher when you are your own sag wagon

Click here to read more about Chris and his journey:

There’s something magical about a cost-to-coast bike trip, from sea to shining sea, across amber waves of grain and and up and down majestic mountains.

The first such trek across the U.S. took place all the way back in 1884 by Thomas Stevens, an adventurer who rode one of the those high-wheel, penny-farthing bikes from San Francisco to Boston and New York – and carried a pistol with him. There’s an interesting article about the trip in the May issue of Adventure Cycling magazine. According to the article, Stevens spent the winter after his trip in New York, and then sailed to London and continued what became the first around-the-world bike trip, which he completed on Dec. 17, 1886.

Welcome to Alabama

I just may have to ride coast-to-coast next year – but please, don’t tell my wife about my plans.


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