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July 6, 2010

Columbus is No. 34

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The sharrows should raise our rating

Columbus is the 34th best city for cycling, according to a recent issue of Bicycling Magazine. And this list was compiled before the “sharrows” were put up and down High Street. They’ve got to be worth a few extra points!

The annual Bicycling list considers segregated bike lanes, municipal bike racks and bike boulevards in its rankings. Minneapolis is No 1, followed by Portland, Oregon; Boulder, Colorado; Seattle and Eugene, Oregon. For some strange reason, Ann Arbor is No. 14. There’s no way they’re better than us. In anything.

Despite this solid ranking, Columbus still has some work to do. Mayor Bikin’ Mike Coleman has pledged to make Columbus the number one bike-friendly city, which is a lofty goal. But hey, if Minneapolis, where it’s cold 10 months of the year, can do it, why can’t we? I hate to toot the Pelotonia horn, but we’ve reintroduced a lot of people to the joys of cycling. This will help build increase local biking community and lead to more bike paths and lanes – and sharrows. Who knows, maybe one day sharrows – which are share the road arrows – won’t even be necessary.


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