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July 3, 2010

Get On Your Bike and See Central Ohio

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The weather has been absolutely perfect recently … which hopefully means you’ve been able to get out and see some Central Ohio scenery on your bike (or the scenery wherever you live). If not, what the heck are you waiting for?

I’m relatively new to the area (it will be four years in September) and still in the exploration phase. I  love discovering new ways out of Columbus on my bike and all the rural roads and small towns once I get there. Recently, I figured out a bike-friendly way to Hilliard and the Heritage Trail, which extends for about six well-paved miles north and west, just about to Plain City.

The path is great – and there’s a bathroom and vending machine about two miles in ($1.25 for water, Gatorade, soda). But don’t be afraid to get off the path, at Hayden Run or Amity Pike/Rings roads and do a little exploring. This is great bike-riding territory. The roads are filled with shimmering fields of wheat and farm houses. Including a few old barns. The more battered and weathered, the cooler these barns look. And cows! There’s something neat about a field full of cows. I usually shout a friendly “moo” greeting as I pedal by – and you’d be surprised how many answer. Horses? Not so much. They’re not quite as friendly as cows. And don’t even bother oinking at a pig.

What’s your favorite rural route in and around Central Ohio?


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  1. Hello Steve,

    When you’re in the Dayton area check out the bike path that starts at Xenia Station to Corwin. It’s not a rural route but it’s worth biking at least once. It’s about 28 miles total. But you can keep on going if you want to. That’s the joy of it, you don’t have to stop. It keeps on giving.

    After the little hustle and bustle of Xenia Station you will find yourself in a tunnel of trees. So very nice on these hot summer days. The trail runs along a river and stream. You will even get a chance to do a friendly “moo” on what I call “Cow Corner”.

    You will pass fields of corn to your left and soybeans to your right. You will come to Spring Valley with bathrooms at the park and a little ice-cream store to buy something cold. Listen carefully as you will sometimes hear a mocking bird singing. A true delight!

    Further on, you will pass a huge pond (sorry, don’t know the name of it). Right now, white water lilies are blooming. Hundreds of lotuses are reaching from the depths of the darkness to the light.

    Feel Big. The only stretch on the trail where you actually “feel big”. You are completely in the open. Sky above, sun shining down, wind blowing. All good, even when it becomes clouds above, snowflakes drifting, wind howling.

    You will reach Corwin with bathrooms and a nice place to grab lunch. We’re talking real food with a real chef.

    Hope this inspires you to take a short trip to Dayton. This trail is absolutely beautiful on a perfect autumn day. The sound of leaves crushing under your tires and the glow of orange and yellow above you makes for a perfect ride – fast or slow.

    Have a GREAT Pelotonia Ride 2010!

    Comment by Margaret — July 5, 2010 @ 1:28 AM

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