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June 22, 2010

How We Raise Money For Pelotonia

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Yard sales, bake sales, raffles, parties, 5K races and stuffed animals.

One of our riders created these cuddly teddies to raise money for Pelotonia

These are a few of the many methods our riders use to raise money for their Pelotonia fund-raising commitment. It seems that a little organization can go a long way – and if you inject a little fun into the equation, you’ll raise even more money. Below are a few examples of what our riders have done to raise money, including The Rider.


Brigid Tracy and her family are hosting a party to raise money. E-vites have been sent to 100 of their closest friends and attendees will be asked to contribute money in memory of Gerard Tracy.

“We’re going to send an E-vite to everyone we know and ask for $10 to come and enjoy some burgers and beer. We’ll have a bucket with Gerard’s picture on it and everyone can put in their $10,” she said.


Another member of the Pelotonia community holds an annual 5K run to raise money for Pelotonia and The James

Nancy Kaufmann has created an annual 5K run to raise money as part of MMORE, her nonprofit association. This year it will be held Sept. 5.


Courtney Andrews ordered a lot of cute, little stuffed bears and attached a Pelotonia banner she made. They’re lined up on her desk at Huntington – and her fellow employees can take one as long as they donate money to Pelotonia. There is no set cost – instead Courtney is relying on the generosity of her co-workers.


Cancer survivors Dave Tabler and Tom Bacome hosted a dinner/dance/auction/raffle – and raised $21,000! Of this total, $14,000 went to Pelotonia and the remaining $7,000 was donated to the American Brain Tumor Association.


Here's a photo from one of the cards The Rider sends as a thank you to everyone who donates to his fund. Photo courtesy of Mrs. The Rider

To kick start my fund-raising efforts I recruited my wife, a talented photographer. Susan has created a series of really cool cards and in my monthly Pelotonia e-mail solicitation to my family and friends, I declared that anyone who has or does donate money will receive a few of these cards. It worked – and I received several new donations.

Tomorrow: the story of fund-raising socks (which the ladies to the left could certainly use!)


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  1. kids love stuffed animal because they are very cute and soft to touch “

    Comment by Kitchen Cupboards · — November 4, 2010 @ 6:48 AM

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