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May 18, 2010

Commutin’ with Bikin’ Mike Coleman

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I have discovered the secret to commuting by bike: do it with Columbus Mayor Bikin’ Mike Coleman! When you ride with his honor, you get a motorcycle police escort and don’t even have to stop at the red lights. I could get used to this.

Here's the mayor shortly before the ride

Well over 100 riders – including several Columbus CEOs or their representatives – gathered yesterday morning on High St. near Ohio State to help kick off Bike To Work Week, despite a little bit of rain. At the pre-ride ceremony (there’s always a ceremony at these things) Bikin’ Mike announced that:

Columbus will invest $10 million in bikeway projects, including signage and more than 9 miles of new paths.

The signage includes 189 sharrows on High St. fron Nationwide Blvd. To Morse Road.

Here's the first of many sharrows coming to High St.

I know, I never heard of the word “sharrow” before either, but it’s evidently a combination of “share” and “arrow” and the point is to remind people driving motorized vehicles that those of us on bikes have every right to be on the roads – so please share the road and be nice to us and we’ll be nice to you.

After we rode down High St. to the post-ride ceremony at the Statehouse, Jeff Stephens and Doug Morgan of Consider Biking announced the organization has received $295,000 from the Columbus Foundation for the 2 by 2012 CEO Challenge campaign. The goal of the campaign is to get everyone – and they mean everyone – to commit to commute to work by bike two times a month in 2012. That’s 24 times a year. The guys from Consider Biking will talk to local companies, educate them on all the advantages of bike commuting and pester them to pester their employees to pedal to work.

Off we go on the ceremonial commute

This is all part of the Mayor’s plan to make Columbus into Bike City USA – a wonderful goal. The goal is to change the local culture into one that embraces exercise, alternative means of transportation, cycling and commuting by bike to work and to run errands. Columbus will be fitter and greener – and all this cycling will have a positive financial impact on the region.

This is a lofty goal and one that fits in with Pelotonia’s mission to not only raise money to cure cancer, but to help build and improve the cycling community in the region. Pelotonia was well represented yesterday, as Mike Caligiuri – director of OSU’s Comprehensive Cancer Center and CEO of The James and the founder of our ride – was there, along with Pelotonia Executive Director Tom Lennox and Director of Rider Recruitment Eric Wunderlich. I also saw several people wearing Pelotonia jerseys.

And here we are at the Statehouse, listening to the 2 by 2012 announcement

Yesterday’s ride was one more step in the right direction as we help turn Columbus into Bike City USA. Join us … and think about riding your bike to work two or more times a month. I think you’ll enjoy it.

In case you missed it, here’s the link to a recent post on the ins and outs of bike commuting.

And here’s the link to Consider Biking.

Even the big tomato was there to hear the news


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